Deep Dive: Patients and Partnerships 2022

Patients and Partnerships DeepDive

The concept of patient centricity has been a key talking point across the healthcare ecosystem for years. Having recognised the tangible benefits that their unique insights and experiences can bring to the table, decision-makers are increasingly seeking new opportunities to partner with patients across a product’s lifecycle. However, fostering lasting and meaningful partnerships is not a simple task for life science companies.

Read on to find out why real patient centricity is more essential than ever before, how BoI studies add valuable context to HTA submissions, the power of patient perspectives in the publication of real-world studies, and much more.


Why real patient centricity is more essential than ever before
Patient centricity initiatives often suffer when leadership changes and the patient-centric culture isn’t codified in KPIs, says Sharon Suchotliff, associate principal at ZS Associates

Inside the pharmaceutical greenhouse
For centuries, botany played a fundamental role in the development of medicine. We explore how researchers unlocked the pharmaceutical properties of five key plants and how these plants continue to serve patients worldwide

The power of patient perspectives in the publication of real-world studies
Envision Pharma Group’s Dr Dawn Lobban and Vitaccess’ Dr Catherine Bottomley explore the value of including patients’ perspectives in the design, delivery, and publication of real-world studies

Realising the vision of value-based healthcare in cataract surgery
Strategic partnerships can help build datasets and practices that improve transparency and outcomes for vision patients, as Erin McEachren and Syed Rashid of Johnson & Johnson Vision discuss

Company profile: ZS Associates
In this issue spotlight, ZS Associates details how it leverages the power of data, science, and technology to make intelligent healthcare decisions and deliver innovative solutions

Co-creating a patient engagement impact framework
Ipsen’s Dr Oleksandr Gorbenko and MediPaCe’s Dr Sandeep Bagga examine the ‘impact’ of engaging with patients and how patients view their experiences of discussing impact measurement with life science companies

The future of clinical research in neurology must be driven by community voices
In the pursuit of a personalised future for neurological care, collaboration and co-creation should be at the forefront of all research and development, explain Caroline Averius, Christine Eighteen, Stephanie Ludwig, and Jannice Roeser from Roche

Talent across borders: opening doors for refugee pharmacists in the UK
Recently, IQVIA teamed up with RefuAid to develop and deliver an employability event for 12 refugee pharmacists. IQVIA’s Melinda Morgan discusses how the event came together and why such programmes are important for both companies and attendees

How burden of illness studies add value to HTA submissions
Including BoI studies alongside PRO data in HTA submissions can help to capture the broader impact of disease and intervention on patients and the wider healthcare system, as Lumanity’s Ann-Marie Chapman and Marieke Schurer discuss

Endometriosis: hidden suffering and disease burden
Research Partnerships Mariel Metcalfe and Nicole Syms share key insights from the 2022 Living with Endometriosis report, which highlights the experiences of more than 100 patients in the US and how the pharma industry can support them


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