The Year Of Virtual Co(Creation)

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If 2020 was the year that cemented the role of virtual advisory boards and virtual engagement in many forms, then we believe that 2021 will be the year of ‘virtual co-creation’.

The benefits of virtual advisory boards (VABs) in replacing face-to-face advisory discussion with KOLs and HCPs are now clear and established. But there are many other ways in which a VAB platform can enhance digital interactions and engagements with KOLs and HCPs.

One such area, where we are seeing increasing focus and interest by our clients, is the ability to go beyond just discussion and explore the actual co-creation of collaborative content in real-time.

For example, can KOL participants work together within a VAB to build a new management pathway, or formulate a call-to-action document, or create an educational PowerPoint for frontline physicians in their local markets?

Integrating technology to do this within a VAB in real-time, like we have done with our SkyBoard virtual advisory board platform, has been an interesting challenge – and one which has finally yielded a powerful solution for co-creation of content by participants working together.

But technology is still only part of the answer. What’s equally important is training and educating the KOL participants to move beyond just synchronous (e.g. live video) and asynchronous (e.g. discussion posts) interactivity, and to embrace new collaborative/co-creative ways of working within a VAB that take all these different ideas into account.

Mixing all these different components - live video, interactive discussion, posts, surveys, co-creation, breakout rooms, and much more – will form the “virtual advisory board of the future”. Well, at least for 2021!

It’s time to capitalise on the awesome possibilities of VAB platforms to go beyond just a “virtual advisory board”. Just drop us a line if you would like to know more about how our SkyBoard platform can help boost your VAB experience.


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System Analytic

12 February, 2021