The Elusive KOL Pyramid

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the elusive KOL pyramid

The traditional KOL pyramid – you know the one, with the most influential global experts at the top and the front-line national HCPs lower down – is an important construct when identifying and mapping experts. But its simplicity sometimes hides the complexity of real-life.

Consider, for example, how this traditional KOL pyramid flips as you get closer to launch – the top influencers have been speaking about your new MoA and potential benefits for a while now, and as they move onto “the next new thing” the people lower down in the pyramid (e.g. regional and front-line influencers) take on much more importance. How do you accommodate this flip?

Consider also the need for people who are not even on the KOL pyramid – e.g. what if you need to find the most likely potential early adopters of a completely new biomarker? And there are virtually no papers and presentations on this topic as yet. How do you find them?

And finally, consider the need for digital influencers who are part of a completely different (virtual) KOL pyramid – not just people who are initiating online conversations, creating educational videos, etc., but who are the best digital experts for rapid scientific message dissemination?

All of these considerations matter when it comes to identifying, mapping, and engaging Experts with the power to impact your success, and not all of these can be represented through a simple static KOL pyramid. The traditional KOL pyramid is a good starting point, but it must be supported by additional research and mapping to ensure you engage with the right people for the right activities.

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System Analytic

System Analytic

4 August, 2020