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Global Medical Affairs teams must proactively track, manage and engage with their most important KOLs. As part of this, they must identify, map, segment, and plan these engagements. All of this requires collaborative KOL engagement plans which should take into account not just their scientific communication objectives, but also the needs and requirements of the KOLs themselves.

But when creating and implementing such engagement plans, medical teams often encounter the same similar set of broad pains with KOL management – how do they create effective engagement plans in one centralised location? how do they know which KOL will support them in which activity? how do they monitor the usage of their KOLs across their different activities and initiatives? how do they quickly build an organisational memory of their KOL work? How do they know which KOL came to which advisory board, and which ones declined?

Furthermore, effective engagement planning, which should include the creation of dynamic engagement plans which address all of the above pains, is a never-ending cycle – an ongoing process that requires constant oversight and ongoing mid-course corrections to ensure you are working with the right people, in the right way, at the right time, through the right initiatives.

Achieving all this requires good internal process and protocols on creating and implementing engagement plans, and the appropriate solution to help create, centralise, and monitor all plans. What’s equally important is to continually assess ‘plan’ against ‘reality, at least on a monthly basis, and then make modifications to the plan in response.

The free-to-use entry level Superfly Core, the fully customisable Supefly Pro. And the end-to-end / contract-to-pay beast that is Superly E2E! - our Superfly KOL management platform is designed to support every step of the KOL engagement cycle and solve every pain!

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