Strategic Competitive Intelligence & Microbiome - Immuno-Oncology

In addition to the Main Conference’s agenda (covering a breadth of topics and presentations ranging from case studies about Keytruda therapies to keynote addresses exploring the tumour mutation burden), SMi Group is pleased to have the expertise of the industry leaders leading on-site interactive training programmes. By attending these half-day workshops, on the 25 September, attendees will formulate a deeper understanding of Strategic Competitive Intelligence and the role of the Microbiome in Immuno-Oncology.


Workshop A, 25 September, 8.30 – 12.30 – Strategic competitive intelligence in the Immuno-Oncology space

  • Uncover opportunities and threats for your company and brand in the Immuno-Oncology space by combining the latest advancements in Strategic Competitive Intelligence.
  • Get step-by-step guide on how to use CI to generate actionable insights and gain a competitive advantage over others.

This workshop is led by: Timos Papagatsias, CEO of LucidQuest – an expert with over 10 years’ experience working as a strategy and intelligence consultant across the Pharma / Biotech and the Life Sciences Investment industries. Timos is now leading LucidQuest, a boutique strategic intelligence consultancy that focuses both on traditional therapy areas (oncology, haematology, immunology, CV/Met, CNS etc.) as well as on developing insights into patient centricity, digital healthcare / IoE and personalized medicine (gene and cell therapies).


Workshop B, 25 September, 13.30 – 17.00 – Could the Microbiome boost Cancer Immuno-Therapy

  • Further the knowledge in the advantages and challenges of developing microbiome-based treatments by looking into recent advances in understanding of the complex role of microbiome in health and disease and how microbes and the microbiota may contribute to cancer development, and responsiveness to cancer therapeutics.

This workshop is led by:

  • Shahram Lavasani, CEO of ImmuneBiotech AB – skilful immunologist and PhD holder in Medical Inflammation Research. Now leading ImmuneBiotech, Shahram developed a proprietary lactobacilli library and established accurate and multiple selection technologies to screen and design formulations for the optimal therapeutic management of the diseases.
  • Ramin Massoumi, Associate Professor at Lund University, working on research into molecular targeted therapy [1]


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