Speaker Interview with iVeena Released for 3rd Ophthalmic Drugs Conference

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Ophthalmic Drugs 2019

SMi Group reports: Senior expert from iVeena is set to present at SMi’s 3rd Annual Ophthalmic Drugs 3 Day Conference taking place in London on 18 – 20 November 2019.

Europe’s leading Ophthalmic Drugs conference will explore new discoveries in the treatment of ocular rare disease, innovations in gene therapy, the challenges in drug delivery through a complex barrier, patient comfort and regulatory compliance which make up such core components within the Ophthalmic Drug sphere.

In the run up to the conference, SMi Group caught up with Mike Burr, Vice President of Product Development at iVeena, to discuss his upcoming presentation and his thoughts on the current challenges and opportunities in Ophthalmic Drug development.

A snapshot of Mike Burr’s interview:

Q.The ophthalmic novel drug delivery market has matured greatly over recent years, what are the key significant developments you have noticed over the past year?
A. “For decades now there has been research in both academia and industry into longer term (beyond one day) sustained delivery technologies for direct ocular applications with minimal translation into commercial products. Regulatory approvals by the FDA in the last year in the post-cataract space for treatments intended to replace daily anti-inflammatory eye drops is very exciting. There is also a robust pipeline of sustained delivery glaucoma therapies which could provide chronic IOP lowering capabilities in the near term.”

Q.What do you personally see as the greatest challenge to overcome in ophthalmic drug delivery at the moment?

A.“Now that we are seeing the commercialisation of small molecule sustained release products, with hopefully more to come in the near term, the next frontier is in biologics. Large molecule stability for controlled release applications is a tough one.”

The full speaker interview and more content including the latest brochure and past attendees can be found in the DOWNLOADS section on the website at www.ophthalmicdrugs.com

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Neill Howard

16 July, 2019