"Partnering with Industry" Session: EuHIC Berlin May 18th 2018

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"The relationship between patients and the pharmaceutical industry has been a controversial one for almost 20 years, hence I look forward to moderating the partnering session to gauge the real-world status of the debate" Len Starnes, digital health care consultant and chair of the 'Partnering with industry: patient involvement in research and education' session

When faced with chronic illness many turn to patient advocacy groups. These organisations play a key role as a guide through the healthcare journey, providing support and resources. Their relationship with the patient is unique.

Why do industry and patient advocacy groups need each other?

In recent years, the patient has increasingly been recognised as a chief stakeholder in pharmaceutical and device developments.  Industry has the scientific knowledge, clinical experience and the financial assets, but lacks the patient perspective. On the other hand, while advocacy groups have access to personal experiences and real-world evidence, alone they have little influence in decision-making and R&D. Partnering of the two can and has been mutually beneficial, but what does the future hold?

Join Len Starnes (Berlin, DE), Richard Stephens (London, UK), Prof. Dr. med. Carlos Lifschitz (Houston, USA) and Bastian Hauck (Berlin, DE) on the 18th May, 2018 Berlin for a thought-provoking and diverse discussion. Topics will include:

- Collaborating with pharma to support R&D. 

- Collaborating with pharma in clinical research. 

- Should patients work full-time for pharma? 

- Should pharma adhere to an agreed patient collaboration code of ethics? 

- Sharing patient data with pharma, How to, how not to.

- How should patients be re-numerated for collaborating with pharma?

- Patient opinions on the true state of pharma 'patient centricity'. Which pharma's are patient centric, which are not?

- How not to do patient engagement. 

- Should all pharma have a Chief Patient Officer (CPOs)? 

- Best examples of successful patient-pharma collaboration.

- What will patient-pharma collaboration look like by 2025? 

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Robert Davies

10 April, 2018