Parallel Trade Conference is in London on 6 Feb

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Exclusive updates on current anti-trust investigations, access to medicine and forecasts of currency fluctuations across the single market and much more at SMi's Parallel Trade Conference, 6 - 7th February, London


10 key points on Parallel Trade and Pharma from Bristows available here


Here is a snap shot of the Q&A


  1. What is the Commission’s position on parallel trade?
  2. The EU Commission’s position is that parallel imports increase price competition as the import of goods from a country with lower prices forces sellers in the country of destination to reduce prices. This is the fundamental principle underpinning the single market. This in turn helps consumers. It is on this basis that the Commission has consistently found pharmaceutical companies to have infringed competition law by preventing parallel trade.

Bristows will also be hosting an interactive workshop during the Parallel Trade Conference (8th February) on EU legal issues to be aware of in the context of parallel trade of pharmaceuticals.


SMi's Parallel Trade Conference goal is to identify the relationship between parallel traders and the pharmaceutical industry, provide insights on the developments within the pharmaceutical parallel trade market, explore the commerciality of parallel distribution in addition to raising awareness of pharmaceutical pricing pressures.


Parallel Trade Conference will allow you to:


- Debate about the effect of parallel trade on pharmaceutical companies and access to medicines – SHIRE, PHARMACONSULT GLOBAL LTD

- Discuss how Brexit will impact pharmaceutical trade and market access in Europe - BAKER & MCKENZIE, ARNOLD AND PORTER KAYE SCHOLER LLP, INDEPENDENT MARKET ACCESS CONSULTANT

- Gain insight into current anti- trust investigations from industry leaders and the consequences this could have on pharmaceutical parallel trade – SIGNE, FLEMMING

- Forecast of currency fluctuations across the single market and the affect this might have on drug shortages, prices and patient accessibility - S.KAYE & SON LTD, EPILEPSY ACTION

- Hear new case studies from parallel trade companies – LEXANO, MD PHARMA


And many other topics are covered at the ONLY event on Parallel Trade!


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SMi's Parallel Trade Conference | 6 - 7th February, London



Lyudmyla Durneva

7 February, 2018