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The drop in attention spans and the rise of “short form” video continues unabated! So, what if we could take a published paper, and then using pre-designed templates and some machine intelligence, semi-automatically create a short video which summarises the key messages of that paper, specifically designed for smart phone consumption?

That’s exactly what we’ve been doing with our Headline Videos.

And although a series of 90 second graphical videos can communicate the key messages with gusto, sometimes a longer version of the short form is required.

Our most recent innovation enables us to add multilayer graphics that animate within the main video to help create longer Headline Videos, but still at the fraction of the price of their traditional counterpart!

These longer Headline Videos, typically up to 3 minutes in length, can help explain in much more detail the key points of a mechanism of action, a new therapeutic scale, important trial results, etc. It balances the seductively digestible nature of short form video with the need to get across important messages and concepts in full, all of it referenced and adapted from the original publication, poster, or abstract.

Although these longer Headline Videos still use set-scenes and machines to help semi-automate the process (and keep the costs dramatically low), they require a little more medical writer input to help translate the key messages and concepts from your paper into a graphical video medium.

This human oversight is essential in ensuring even the “longer version of the short form” Headline Videos still fully meet their original proposition: instead of reading the full paper, why don’t you just watch a video of it on your phone instead?!

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