Mapping the Voices in Your Disease Ecosystem

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Instead of thinking about mapping KOLs and stakeholders, consider thinking about mapping all the “voices” in your disease ecosystem.

A voice that impacts, influences, or inspires the success of your brand could encompass everything from traditional KOLs to nursing pacesetters, from long-established patient groups to transient online communities, from high-thinking academics to high-tweeting clinicians, the truly global to the very local.

How is this best done? Simply by listening, really listening, to anything, anywhere you can.

In practice this translates to using a whole host of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, and then collating and curating all the different inputs to create a map of all the voices that can impact your success.

It’s also important to not just identify but also characterise each voice – hear what they are saying, analyse what they are thinking, gauge their influence, segment their position, map their connections, and create engagement strategies customised to each voice.

By considering your disease community as a sea of numerous interconnected voices, you can accurately map all the influencers and best position your brand as a constituent among those.

Omabuwa Tetsola

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Omabuwa Tetsola

29 July, 2019