Less than 3 weeks to SMi's 3rd Annual Drug Discovery Chemistry Conference

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SMi Reports: The countdown begins to the highly anticipated Drug Discovery Chemistry Conference in London.

The drug discovery field is undergoing dramatic change with a new opportunity for the development of novel medicines and technologies within the pharmaceutical market.

In just 3 weeks, the Drug Discovery Chemistry Conference will open its doors on the 18tha and 19th March in London, creating a forum that will discuss the latest innovations in drug discovery chemistry, as well as strategies to deliver small molecules.

The two-day event features 18 thought-provoking presentations, and 4+ hours of networking that will discuss key themes surrounding this ever-changing field of science.

Industry experts will answer these key questions at Drug Discovery Chemistry 2019, including:

1. How arsenic methyl transferase is effective and the potential role in CNS?
AstraZeneca will be discussing the discovery of a form of arsenic methyl transferase (AS3MT).

2. What are the new approaches to drug (chemical biology) the undruggable?
Novartis presents their efforts in chemical biology, exploring new technologies, new modalities and how to win!

3. Are there any advantages of using artificial intelligence in early drug discovery?
Berg LLC, will be discussing the advances in how AI can be used to identify druggable targets and further delve in the opportunities of the drug discovery process.

4. What are the uses and advantages of macrocycles and synthesis for commercial use?
Cylenium Pharma discusses the benefits of macrocycles as an emerging part of chemical space and its potential to drug genomic targets.

5. How is machine learning in drug discovery important?
Bayer will present their findings on machine learning for ADME predications and determining the next steps in the drug discovery process

6. What are the important aspects of fragment-based library design - Ro3 and Beyond?
AbbVie will provide a case study of how the newly designed fragments enabled a fragment to lead campaign in short order.

7. How encoded library technology in nanospheres work?
Nanna Therapeutics will provide an insight into their proprietary screening and AI platform (T.I.M.E.) to speed-up drug discovery, and also provide highlights form their recent case studies.
Download the conference brochure with the full two-day agenda and speaker line up at http://www.drug-discovery.co.uk/pr5

The conference has attracted a global audience of experts raring to explore the latest scientific breakthroughs and highlight future opportunities for novel therapeutic discovery.
Register online for the conference and/or post-conference workshop at http://www.drug-discovery.co.uk/pr5.

Plus, you can register at the special manager’s rate of £999 expiring on Friday 1st March 2019.

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Drug Discovery Chemistry
Conference: 18th & 19th March 2019
Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, UK

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