KOL Mapping and Validation

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You’ve done your KOL Mapping, and you have been in a therapy area for a while. You may have gotten used to working with the same KOLs and Experts over and over again. These are people that you can collaborate well with, people who know how you work, people who provide scientific value.


However, over time the myopia of over-confidence and over-familiarity may creep in. And you won’t always see the changes happening in the broader KOL landscape just outside your field of vision.


How have KOLs and Experts evolved in their thinking? Their work, their interests, their influence, etc., over the period during which you have been working with them? Who are the experts that have since risen in terms of impact on scientific contribution, and whose opinions carry greater weight these days? Who are the experts more relevant to the strategies you followed today, compared to what you did yesterday?


This is where KOL validation can help.


KOL validation starts with the correct assumption that you know your KOLs well already, and many of our clients do. All you need is an unbiased sense-check to quickly and efficiently validate your current KOLs and Experts.


You give us a list of KOLs, and we’ll augment, segment, refresh, and validate from multiple angles, involving multiple research methodologies. Our KOL validation can tell you the three most important things you need to know — who should stay, who should go, who new to add — to help keep your KOL lists fully up-to-date and entirely pertinent to your strategic and tactical needs.