Illuminating Real-Time Patient Needs Through Socially Driven Insights

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Healthcare marketers in today’s world are tasked with many ways to reach and engage patients in meaningful ways, to drive action. At the very core, this requires a deep understanding of how to accurately identify patient needs so brands can support patients with relevant solutions.

With a repository of market research at their fingertips, marketers are charged with triangulating the right mix of data that is both large scale, while delivering a real-time understanding of health experiences.

Data collected through social health resources, like Health Union’s condition-specific syndicated surveys, add more context and recency for understanding patient needs in real and actionable ways.

Non-linear Patient Journeys Can Be Understood Through Social Health

When we think about today’s patient journey, we know that it’s far from linear. Social health, the dynamic, real-time interactions that impact the way people live with complex health conditions helps us to analyze and understand patient behavior in a way like never before.

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