Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Technology

SMi Group are delighted to announce the 6th annual Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Technology conference, being held this June 2018! Read on for a massive £400 off.

– Optimising Pharmaceutical Technology Through Innovations & Novel Approaches In Freeze Drying –

Day 1 Opening Keynote Address – ‘Freeze Drying of Biologics’ – Day 1 | @09:10

The opening keynote presentation on day 1 will be presented to you by Patrick Garidel, Bioprocess and Pharmaceutical Development Biologicals, Boehringer-Ingelheim

Below is a summary of their presentation:

– Biologics in the dry state: what to consider?
– Formulation principles for freeze-dried products
– Process development of freeze-dried products
– Primary packaging for freeze-dried products
– Analytics for the characterisation of lyophilizates

Day 2 Opening Keynote Address – ‘QbD in Spray Drying vs Lyophilisation’ – Day 2 | @09:10

The opening keynote presentation on day 2 will be presented to you by Sune Klint Andersen, Principal Scientist Spray Drying, Janssen

Below is a summary of their presentation:

– Quality-by-Design strategies for drying processes
– Typical sources of variation for lyophilization and spray drying processes
– Timing for initiating QbD for drying processes
– Applying PAT in drying process QbD
– Conditions/Environment when spray drying

Featured Highlights – June 2018:

– Discuss the use of old and new methods in terms of the optimisation of freeze drying cycles
– Learn about case studies which delve into the processes through which cycles can be refi ned to the utmost efficiency
– Hear about a new PAT for freeze drying cycle development through vial impedance spectroscopy
– Discover ways in which water activity measurement and mathematical modelling can be used to evaluate the stability of freeze dried vaccines
– Evaluate quality-by-design strategies, applied to spray drying, versus lyophilisation

PLUS: Don’t forget to check out the two-post conference interactive workshops taking place on 12th June.

For those looking to attend there is currently a massive saving of £400, ending March 29th

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SMi presents the 6th annual conference:

Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Technology
Date: 13th – 14th June 2018
Workshops: 12th June 2018
Location: Holiday Inn Kensington Forum, London UK

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