Extracting value from MSL Field Insights

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How do you share and report the most important insights with everyone else so that they can be acted on? In fact, could anything else be more important when it comes to insights?

“Reporting” should reflect the many different ways you may want to consume your insights data. Examples of what our clients often want to do:


  • Select a few important insights from the past month, add in their own commentary and evaluation, and then share with others on a regular basis


  • Run a report specifically analysing insights that mention a particular keyword or trial name. Or report on a more complex analysis e.g. insights against state/country versus product priority


  • Run the same customised “template” report every month to analyse and report all of last month’s insights in a set way that your team prefers


  • Have a variety of set reports to cater for many different stakeholders e.g. one for senior managers, one for fellow MSLs in your regions, one designed specifically to share with other key countries, etc.


  • And then there is the actual format — Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, or even an interactive report that you explore further in your browser e.g. find that graph showing a spike in insights on topic x in the last month interesting? Simply click on the graph to open the actual insights and see what they say, who said them, in what context, etc.

Our X-Fly insight platform enables you to do all of this, instantly.

Because it’s only through the effective reporting, sharing, and communication to all relevant shareholders can insights be truly acted upon.

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