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Lyophilization USA Conference

SMi Group reports: Leaders in the lyophilization industry to share their expertise and knowledge at SMi’s 4th annual conference - Lyophilization USA, November 15 - 16, New Jersey. Recently, event organisers caught up with some of them to discuss key challenges within the lyophilization field.


A brief overview from Q&A sessions with:

  • Fabrice Schlegel - Senior Engineer at Amgen
  • Mohamed AbouGhaly - Postdoctoral Researcher at Purdue University
  • Timothy McCoy, Associate Director, Pharmaceutical Development Biologics at Sanofi



*****What do you see as the greatest challenge to overcome in the field at the moment?*****


Fabrice Schlegel: Lack of resources invested by biotech companies in the development of more innovative processes for lyophilization.


Mohamed AbouGhaly: The greatest challenge is in turning process from a trial and error approach to a more systematic and predictable approach.


Timothy McCoy: Scalability is always a challenge; especially with the freezing step. There are currently techniques out there to better control the ice nucleation process, and to allow better control of primary and secondary drying.



*****What technology has really caught your eye in the Lyophilization field in the past year?*****

Fabrice Schlegel: The move from in-vivo to in-silico experiments to reduce the experimental burden related to lyophilization process development.


Mohamed AbouGhaly: The continuous advances in wireless temperature probes that can monitor products in process.


Timothy McCoy: I am not sure if there have been many new technological innovations over the last year, that are completely new to the field. However, many technologies have been improved and expanded. I am interested in the mini lyophilizer systems such as microFD and LyoCapsule; PAT technologies such as LyoDEA.


Full transcripts are available on the Download Centre of lyophilization-usa.com


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Lyophilization USA Conference| November 15 - 16, 2018 | New Jersey

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