Disrupting Clinical Trials Europe

The Conference Forum announced the 3rd annual DPharm Europe: Disruptive Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials conference will take place on February 8th and 9th, 2017 in London. It is the only European conference featuring disruptive ideas to change the way clinical trials are done to engage patients, reduce risks and costs.

“DPharm Europe is responsible for bringing a group of people together who are determined to think differently about how clinical trials are conducted and to show the audience several examples of how this can be done,” said Valerie Bowling, Executive Director.

DPharm Europe features new European leadership from Johnson & Johnson, Bayer AG and Roche. It includes sessions on community collaborating with industry to strengthen patient engagement and highlights history makers shaping the future of drug development through new financial models. DPharm Europe will also showcase examples of adaptive designs, trial simulation, developments in working with real world data and strategies to validate the site-less trial.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the conference. It was great to hear from such a wide range of knowledgeable speakers and to meet so many like-minded individuals who are enthusiastic about changing the way we do clinical research,” said Sue Collier, GSK.

Led by Co-Chairs Dr. Sue Collier (GSK) and Dr. Jeff Kasher (Patient Can’t Wait), this year’s DPharm Europe delves into the following three major areas:
1. Disruptive ideas that are reshaping clinical trials
2. The use of digital technologies in clinical trials
3. How collaboration is leading to clinical trial advancements

DPharm Europe faculty includes:

  • Sue Collier, BSc, MBchB, DRCOG, Head of Medical Operations for the Salford Lung Study, GSK
  • Valentin Hamy, PhD, Clinical Development Manager, GSK
  • Bert Hartog, PhD, Director, R&D Operations Innovation, Janssen
  • Melanie Heroult, Innovation Director, Bayer AG
  • Sara James, PhD, Consultant, Adoption Implementation, Clinical Innovation, Eli Lilly & Company
  • Kevin Jenkins, Project Director, Clinical Innovation and Digital Platforms, GSK
  • Jeff Kasher, PhD, Founder, Patients Can’t Wait
  • Thomas Klein, Founder and CEO, Be The Partner
  • Richard Mason, MBA, Head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, London, Johnson & Johnson
  • Alexander Masters, Author, Campaigner and Co-Founder, iCancer.org.uk
  • Jo Pisani, MBA, Partner at Strategy, PwC UK
  • Claire Potter, Acting Head of Research and Knowledge Transfer, University of Birmingham
  • Jenny Preston, PhD, Patient and Public Involvement Manager/Patient and Public Involvement Priority Lead, National Institute for Health – Research (NIHR) Alder Hey Clinical Research Facility, NIHR
  • Emilia Quattrocchi, Director Clinical Development, Rheumatology & Autoimmune Diseases, GSK
  • Vanessa Reddy, Strategic Innovation Leader, Roche
  • Craig Ritchie, PhD, Professor of Psychiatry of Ageing, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences/Visiting Professor, University of Edinburgh/Imperial College London
  • Janet Valentine, Director, Clinical Practice Research, Datalink
  • Guy Yeoman, Vice President, Patient Centricity, AstraZeneca

The DPharm conference was first launched in September 2011 in Philadelphia and featured 125 disruptive thinkers. Today, it represents a leading conference for those who want to explore current solutions in clinical trial development, propose innovative clinical trial changes and commit to testing and sharing clinical trial results to transform drug development.

To learn more about DPharm Europe, click here.

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