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When creating engagement plans for individual Digital Key Opinion Leaders (DOLs), it’s best to look at a range of data-led metrics about each DOL to fine tune the engagement and maximise benefit for all parties.

The simplest, and often easiest metrics to obtain, relate to the activity characteristics of the Digital KOL. In Twitter for example, this may equate to the DOL’s activity levels, follower numbers, and so on. All of this is useful when deciding on type and content of engagement.

But go one (small) step deeper and you can improve your engagement and targeting of Digital KOLs by quantifying their “reach” in the context of your specific strategy. For example, what is the make-up of their followers in terms of HCP specialty , what is their level of activity in key topics of importance to your strategy, how do they score and rank across the various criteria compared to others in your Digital KOL shortlist? All of this can increase the precision of your engagement strategy and tactics with each DOL.

Segmenting your Digital KOLs into different categories driven by their propensity for online interaction is another data-led metric which can govern the activities you get them involved in e.g. those that tend to create new content versus those that tend to propagate existing data - both these DOLs may have high digital activity but which one is most suitable for the strategic initiative you have in mind?

A plethora of such phenotypes are possible (e.g. data multiplier, content creator, opinion former, proactive educator, etc.), but what’s important is to fine tune this segmentation based on your specific strategic needs i.e. segment your Digital KOLs into phenotypes that accurately reflect the different pillars of your strategy.

Finally, quantifying a Digital KOL mindset is also important when creating engagement plans – what is their online view on key therapeutic issues, what topics within your therapy area are they most vocal about online, what treatment and management modalities do they most resonate with? Mindset data will ensure your individual engagement plans are in sync with individual Digital KOL thinking, and hence increase the likelihood of success.

Going beyond simplistic Digital KOL activity data and quantifying characteristics such as reach, phenotype, and mindset can significantly boost your collaboration and engagement with Digital KOLs.


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