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Getting an in-depth, granular, segmented view of the KOL/HCP landscape to support commercial and marketing initiatives is like baking a layer cake.

First, we start with the basics – a mass of quantitative data on the activity of Experts, e.g. who is publishing, presenting, managing Grand Rounds, getting involved in advocacy groups, and more.

Then, we add in something interesting. For example, a layer of Medicare claims data with which you can identify and segment those involved in consultations, medicines, and/or procedures of interest to you, using specific HCPCS/CPT codes.

For good measure, and to provide a competitive lens, we could stir in Sunshine data – the Experts involved with your competitor products, studies, molecules; and their level of involvement as reflected in the disclosed monetary value of their transactions.

And, if available, nothing beats a layer of Prescription data to complement the above with some real-world evidence on Expert behaviour.

Finally, for the icing on the cake, we’d recommend influence mapping – to accurately map the influence landscape and identify those whom others look to for guidance.

You can personalise the cake to suit your tastes – blend in some social media analytics or digital KOL mapping, even stir in a helping of mindset mapping to understand what’s driving Expert thinking and behaviour.

The result is a multi-layered cake which you can slice & dice exactly how you want to find and engage the Experts with the power to seriously impact your brand success.

Making such cakes with a variety of ingredients and fillings, with the correct tools (whisks, an oven, and a host of proprietary algorithms and visualisation tools!) is what we do – all day, every day.

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System Analytic

System Analytic

9 June, 2020