Arist Optimizes Text Messaging Platform for the Life Sciences Industry

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Text-based patient education and HCP outreach

Life sciences organizations can easily send customizable, templated text messages and digital assets without compromising compliance

Arist, developers of an innovative enterprise-level text messaging platform for education, training and outreach, has announced that its technology has been optimized to better meet the needs of the life sciences industry. The updated Arist platform enables life sciences organizations to send fully customizable, templated text messages and other digital assets to recipients for a variety of use cases, including onboarding, training, education, sales enablement, outreach and more. The Arist platform is easy to deploy and can be integrated with existing customer relationship management (CRM) and learning management systems (LMS).

“We have experienced significant demand for our text messaging platform within the life sciences industry,” stated Arist Co-founder and CEO Michael Ioffe. “To better support our life sciences customers, we have updated our platform with enhanced features that enable them to deliver compliant text messages and other digital assets for a wide variety of use cases. Employee onboarding, physician education, sales training, patient outreach and medication adherence are just a few of the ways life sciences companies are utilizing our technology.”

What makes text messaging so powerful is the fact that recipients actually open and read them. According to research, text message open rates are as high as 98%, compared to just 20% for email. This makes text messaging one of the most efficient ways for life sciences organizations to effectively communicate with employees, medical professionals, patients and important audiences without impacting resources.

Although the possibilities are endless, the following are a few of the ways life sciences organizations are utilizing the Arist platform.

Outreach to Healthcare Professionals

With Arist, pharmaceutical sales representatives and medical science liaisons can send compliant text messages directly to healthcare professionals with ease. To the end-user, Arist offers a seamless user experience. There are no apps for end-users to download, and there are no subscriptions for them to contend with.

The Arist platform is also extremely flexible and comes equipped with text templates that can be personalized and updated often. For sales teams, this makes for risk-free engagement because content and messages can be pre-approved by compliance. In addition, Arist integrates easily with existing CRM systems, which helps life sciences companies eliminating manual work and operational delays.

Onboarding and Training

For training and learning leaders, video and digital courses are too expensive and time-consuming to build. As a result, most organizations don’t have an effective way to quickly onboard and train employees, especially when it comes to new products. Arist’s text message courses offer an effective solution: by breaking down subjects into easily digestible concepts and case studies, Arist makes learning easy and frictionless.

Corporate learning leaders can build courses seven times faster and far more cost-effectively with Arist. In addition, sales leaders can easily deliver product and sales training that meets busy and distributed sales teams where they're at: on their phones. The best part being, for organizations with evolving needs and frequently changing environments, training content can be instantly updated with Arist. This is extremely difficult to do with training videos, manuals and other systems.

Patient Education and Medication Adherence

Adherence to long-term therapies in chronic disease is extremely poor. Traditional interventions for improving adherence are complex and not widely used. However, text messaging is proving to be an effective way to support patient education and medication adherence.

According to researchers, text messaging nearly doubles the odds of medication adherence. This is especially important for those working in the area of specialized therapeutics. Roughly 125,000 unnecessary deaths occur each year in the United States because patients don’t follow treatment protocols. Nonadherence rates can be greatly diminished when those responsible for adherence leverage platforms like Arist.

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23 February, 2021