New approach to overcome aggregate spend reporting challenges

With the increasing complexity of tracking aggregate spend in a global marketplace, keeping an eye on individual practitioner and company expenditure is a huge challenge for life sciences companies.

The challenge stems from pulling together multiple sources of data to create an accurate, consolidated view of spend. Done incorrectly can put life sciences companies at considerable risk if inaccurate information is delivered to health authorities, which can result in fines and potential damage to a company’s reputation.

Access to a complete, comprehensive and accurate database that provides the latest information regarding healthcare professionals, organizations, and stewardship services across all major countries means that the task of spending becomes easier, faster and the compliance risk is reduced.

Ready available, high quality customer data helps compliance officers efficiently and accurately attribute spend to individual practitioners with their own unique identities.

Pharmaceutical companies can adhere to strict compliance regulations and maintain transparency with their stakeholders – an absolute must in today’s healthcare ecosystem.

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