Meaningful KOL engagements: here’s the secret for MSL

For those working in the role of medical and science liaison (MSL), access to a comprehensive and centralized database is essential to maximize communication and engagement efforts with key opinion leaders (KOLs).

In most instances, however, MSLs do not have access to the up-to-date KOL information and insights they need to achieve the best level of engagement possible. Instead, many have to rely on aggregating this information through hours and hours of extensive research – a task made even harder due to the fact that KOL frequently have multiple roles and responsibilities across geographies.

A solution that offers a complete and accurate depiction of KOLs is necessary for MSLs, who need rich, high-quality data across all major markets. As scientific experts they need to focus their time in the field and not trying to find the right data.  By accessing accurate customer data in real time their efforts to engage new and existing contacts can finally be maximized.

Now, the evolving KOL landscape can be managed via an efficient end-to-end process, meaning less time spent information gathering, eliminating the worry of losing vital information and allowing for better identification and more tailored engagement with customers.

To learn more, watch the video!

Veeva video 3