Phesi’s Dr Gen Li on unlocking the power of data in oncology

Phesi’s Dr Gen Li on unlocking the power of data in oncology

Dr Gen Li, founder and president of Phesi, a provider of AI-powered clinical development analytics, products, and solutions, discusses ASCO, digital patient profiles, and how digital twins and trial arms can help optimise trial design.

How can sponsors ensure that clinical development in oncology delivers on its promise to become more data led?

Sponsors should increase their focus on integrating external data sets from the industry to add to the existing body of internal knowledge to better inform trial design. This includes data from historical trials, ongoing clinical trials, electronic patient records, and epidemiological studies, alongside newer sources such as wearable and telemedicine devices, as well as health applications. But more data does not automatically equal more knowledge. Analytics are essential to extract the information needed to actually design oncology trials around the insights held within.

Moving away from long-held trial planning and execution practices to adopt a data-led approach will require buy-in at a senior level to really maximise the benefits. New skills and tools will be needed, and key ‘actors’ in the development space – from regulators to investigators and CROs, and patients – will need to collaborate more closely. In oncology, data-led trials will ultimately accelerate the clinical development pathway, reduce patient burden, and minimise amendments – or even eliminate them entirely.


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7 August, 2023