CAR-TCR 2023 – Mindy Miller

CAR-TCR 2023 – Mindy Miller

As more cell therapies are approved and the category emerges, there’s also an increased need for the technology that enables cell therapy development.

In many cases, this need is being filled not by new companies, but by old ones like Terumo, a hundred-year-old company that has traditionally built the collection devices used by blood centres around the world.

Mindy Miller, lead research scientist for cell therapy at Terumo, spoke to pharmaphorum at CAR_TCR in Boston last month about how her company has expanded to offer cell expansion systems and bioreactors that can help biotechs develop new and innovative cell therapies.

Miller goes into detail about Terumo’s hollow fibre technology and how closely it’s able to mimic the conditions inside the human body. She also discusses the balance between competition and cooperation in the cell therapy space and the importance of having flexible offerings that can serve manufacturing, as well as R&D, for both autogolous and allogeneic therapies. 

Check out the video below to learn how a century-old company is bringing new innovations to a rapidly evolving space.