CAR-TCR 2023 – Jonathan Wofford

CAR-TCR 2023 – Jonathan Wofford

In order for cell therapies to scale effectively, the industry is clamouring for standardisation around things like manufacturing and treatment administration. But how do you create consistency in a field that is constantly changing as innovators try new tactics to overcome cell therapy’s limitations?

At CAR-TCR in Boston last month, pharmaphorum editor-in-chief Jonah Comstock spoke with Jonathan Wofford, senior director of solution architecture for biotherapies at WellSky about this problem, which his company is hoping to help address by offering comprehensive software offerings for biotechs in the cell therapy space.

Wofford talks about the importance of flexibility, transparency, and data sharing as the industry cements into something long-term and sustainable. He also discusses the need for interoperability between all the new support technologies that are coming to the fore.

Everyone wants to see cell therapies like CAR-T scale and expand rapidly so they can bring their enormous promise to new patients, but that expansion has to happen with attention to safety and quality control, as well as efficiency and cost-efficacy.

Tune in to our final video from CAR-TCR for a deep dive into what it will take to grow this industry the right way.