CAR-TCR 2023 – Becky Cap

CAR-TCR 2023 – Becky Cap

In an industry growing as quickly as cell therapy, keeping up with the demands of manufacturing and treatment is a challenge for the whole industry to tackle together, including stakeholders that might not even be on everyone’s radar.

Becky Cap is SVP for business development in advanced therapies at Biobridge Global, an organisation that began as a blood bank, but now also does biomanufacturing, producing some of the raw materials used in allogeneic cell therapies.

At CAR-TCR in Boston, editor-in-chief Jonah Comstock talked to Becky about the interesting role that organisations like hers have to play not only in increasing the manufacturing capacity for allogeneic therapies, but also in providing community-based infrastructure to augment academic medical centres in administering autologous treatments.

They also discuss common pitfalls and foibles cell therapy companies encounter when it comes to donor selection and recruitment, and unpack some of the challenges that lie ahead for the cell therapy space.

Check out the video below for a new perspective on the important work of scaling innovative cell therapies.