ASCO 2023 – Martin Vogel and Edmond Chan

ASCO 2023 Janssen

In another look back to ASCO 2023, pharmaphorum editor-in-chief Jonah Comstock spoke with Janssen's Martin Vogel and Edmond Chan, EMEA leads for oncology and haematology, respectively.

They share some of Janssen’s highlights from the show, including early promising work in the lung cancer space in solid tumours, and some work in CRL and multiple myeloma on the haematology side.

That haematology work includes some CAR T-cell therapy, and Vogel and Chan talk a bit about trends in cell therapy and some of the differences and similarities between the solid tumour and haematology spaces.

The two also discuss how Janssen came to have so many abstracts at ASCO this year and how innovation has been progressing at the company. Check out the video below for more.