8th Tumor Models San Francisco Summit 2024

8th Tumor Models San Francisco Summit 2024

Following Merck announcing their goal to phase out animal use in their work, Astellas and MIMETAS expanding their partnership in immunotherapeutic development, and the domino effects across the field caused by the FDA Modernization Act 2.0, 2023 has set an exciting precedent for the upcoming year. However, the translation rates of oncology therapeutics into the clinic remain at 20%, proving there remains a large unmet need for tools to support drug development efforts in a patient-specific context at the preclinical and early translational levels.

At the 8th Annual Tumor Models San Francisco Summit, you will gain practical insights into the latest updates across the West Coast and beyond through 25+ case studies that will empower your candidate selection workflows. Join us to learn from and meet pioneers in preclinical and translational oncology to accelerate your candidate’s clinical translatability with optimized efficiency, and cost-effectiveness!

  • Discover the rationale Amgen, IGM Biosciences, Rondo Therapeutics, and more implement across their model selection criteria to empower you to streamline your model selection processes.
  • Revolution Medicines spotlight the potential of genetically engineered models to enhance the therapeutic potential of RAS-targeted inhibitors
  • Uncover strategies to develop PDX models to support ADC studies at the preclinical stage through to preparation for an IND filing with Sutro Biopharma
  • Arsenal Biosciences demonstrate the applications of tumor models in cell therapy program development across multiple cancer indications
  • Characterize the complexities of the components of the tumor microenvironment by leveraging spatial biology and digital pathology tools with Takeda

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25 October, 2023