Nokia to develop patient monitoring tech for Finnish neurology centre


Nokia Technologies will team up with Helsinki University Hospital and University of Helsinki (HUS) to develop remote patient monitoring solutions for its patients.

The collaboration will see Nokia put its Withings acquisition to use in its first project of this kind since the deal was made.

"Our vision is to empower people to make good decisions about their health by providing them and their physician with the critical information they need, when they need it," said Cédric Hutchings, vice president of digital health at Nokia Technologies.

The collaboration allows Nokia to expand beyond consumer health and wellness devices to clinical solutions, including technology which helps to improve patient/physician interactions.

The HUS’ Department of Neurology is the largest neurology centre in Finland which sees an estimated 14,000 patients every year. The collaboration will give clinicians and patients the opportunity to provide feedback on the monitoring solutions developed.

"At HUS, we see tremendous value in collaborating with innovative companies like Nokia to help the development of research-based knowledge into technologies that can drive more effective, personalised care for our patients," said Nina Forss, head of department of neurology. "The department of Neurology at HUS is acknowledged worldwide for providing the best acute stroke care in the world. This new collaboration reflects our continued commitment to excellence in research and improves the health and care of our patients at the later stage of the treatment chain."

The deal reflects Nokia's rebirth as a specialist in the digital health sector, after it was overtaken by companies such as Apple and Samsung in the mobile phone market.  Central to this is its acquisition of patient monitoring solution provider Withings in April for $191 million. Withings’ range of technologies includes including activity trackers, blood pressure monitors and weighing scales, which will now be integrated into Nokia's Technologies division

The first project of the partnership will be launched during this quarter.

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Marco Ricci

27 June, 2016