NICE signs AllTrials data transparency campaign


Hannah Blake


The UK’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has confirmed that it has signed the AllTrials campaign, proving that the drug pricing watchdog agrees with the campaign’s aim to make all clinical trial data available to the public.

At the beginning of February, the campaign’s reputation stepped up a gear when top global pharma company GlaxoSmithKline signed the petition. Now the campaign has been boosted further as it now has a UK government-associated organisation on board.

“We strongly believe that all clinical trial data should be made available so that that those with responsibility for developing clinical guidance and making treatment decisions have all the necessary information to hand to help them do so safely and efficiently.”

Sir Michael Rawlins, chair of NICE.

The campaign was initiated by charity Sense About Science, Ben Goldacre at Bad Science, the BMJ, the James Lind Alliance, and the Centre for Evidence-based Medicine.

In an even bigger step, just last week over 80 patient groups signed up to the Alltrials campaign, including Cancer Research UK, Bliss and Rare Disease UK.


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22 February, 2013