NHSX calls for feedback on digitisation plan


The NHS’ digital transformation unit, NHSX, is calling for response to its plan to modernise healthcare in England.

NHSX is the brainchild of health secretary Matt Hancock and is charged with encouraging joined-up working and thinking across the health service, to encourage use of digital technology to improve services and increase efficiency.

The organisation has laid out its vision for the NHS in a document and is calling for interested parties to leave comments and suggestions.

According to the document the goal is to support the NHS Long Term Plan, which will only succeed if the “tech agenda” is integrated into the health service.

The long-term plan drawn up in 2019 envisions a joined-up and coordinated service, that is more proactive with the services it provides, targeting those most at need at a time and place of their choosing.

In the plan, NHSX outlines five missions – reducing the burden on the workforce, giving people tools to access information, improving safe sharing of patient information, improving clinical safety, and using digital tech to improve productivity.

NHSX’s document outlines five phases for the implementation of its vision, starting with its publication, including a delivery plan that lasts until 2024, followed by a period where the plan’s success will be measured against front line targets.

NHSX is calling for comments and suggestions on the document, which will be updated as it continues to engage.

Anyone interested in giving feedback on a dedicated page can register and can submit case studies that could be used to transform services.

Since the consultation began last week, there have already been several ideas left on the message board.

Suggestions so far include purchasing common technology and infrastructure centrally, and optimum levels of digital spend for capital projects.

Another potential issue highlighted on the board is lack of support for organisations changing over from legacy systems.