Higher patient satisfaction rates due to free hospital Wi-Fi, says study

Hannah Blake


A new study has identified a trend in higher patient satisfaction rates within hospitals where free Wi-Fi is available during their hospital visit.

The aim of the study was to identify how patients perceived the care and services provided by two of the community hospitals across social media sites. The study was carried out by Trufflenet Health within an NHS Trust in the South East.

Patients who were able to access Twitter and PatientOpinion.co.uk on their personal handheld devices using the hospital’s free Wi-Fi service gave mainly positive minute-by- minute accounts of their experience within the hospital. This enabled the NHS Trust to listen to real-time feedback at the point of care.

 “With healthcare providers now required to collect patient feedback, analysing social media content offers a qualitative insight into public opinion and a rich layer of additional management indicators to identify how they can improve their services and ultimately treatment outcomes.”

Janet Gunner, Healthcare Director of Trufflenet Health.

The study found that 75% of comments were positive, suggesting that the majority of patients within hospitals were happy with the quality of service they received.


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