Grant of £80m for Thalidomide survivors in England

Rebecca Aris




The government announced that a grant of £80 million had been put aside for Thalidomide survivors in England. This will go to help over 300 people with disabilities due to the drug, to help meet their health needs in the coming years.


The announcement, which was welcomed by the Thalidomide Trust, means that the 325 Thalidomide survivors in England will receive financial help to adapt their living environment as they grow older. The money will be paid to the Thalidomide Trust through an annual grant.

“This deal represents our clear acknowledgment that ‘thalidomiders’ should be supported and helped to live as independent lives as possible, and we hope that this grant will aid that cause and provide an element of long-term financial security.”

Norman Lamb, Health minister

Whilst this sum will only assist those survivors living in England, The Scottish Government is to assist the 58 Thalidomide survivors living there with a separate sum of £14.2m.


The Departments of Health will receive annual reports of how the money is distributed.




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