Drug data will be more transparent, vows GSK

Hannah Blake


GSK is to further advance its commitment towards transparency, openness and collaboration, as these attributes are essential to finding new drugs to treat global diseases, according to CEO Sir Andrew Witty.

In a speech today, Sir Andrew Witty will outline these commitments, including a new initiative for GSK to share detailed clinical trial data, whether positive or negative, to enable additional scientific inquiry and analyses to help bring benefit to patients.

“As a truly global healthcare company, I believe we have a responsibility to do all we can at GSK to use our resources, knowledge and expertise to help tackle serious global health challenges. However, the complexity of the science and the scale of the challenge mean that we cannot solve these problems alone. We need to take a different approach – one focused on partnership, collaboration and openness. By being more open with our clinical trial data, we also hope to help further scientific understanding. I am pleased with the progress we have made so far to evolve our business model but we recognise there is more we can do and the new initiatives outlined today will enable us to build on this work.”

Sir Andrew Witty, CEO of GSK, comments ahead of the meeting today.

Another initiative will see GSK set out new measures to develop new and faster-acting treatments for tuberculosis (TB), a disease which causes approximately 1.5 million deaths around the world every year. GSK scientists have screened the company’s entire pharmaceutical compound library, of over 2 million compounds for any that may inhibit tuberculosis (TB) bacteria, and will make this data publicly available. This move is a first for any big pharmaceutical company, which will hopefully encourage others to pursue a fully open approach to R&amp,D.




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