Avanir to co-promote Merck’s type 2 diabetes drugs

Avanir Pharmaceuticals has entered into an exclusive, multi-year agreement with Merck to co-promote Merck’s type 2 diabetes therapies Januvia (sitagliptin) and the sitagliptin family of products in the long-term care institutional setting in the United States.

Januvia is indicated, as an adjunct to diet and exercise, to improve glycemic control in adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus.

“As a company dedicated to the advancement of diabetes care, we are excited to partner with Avanir to help improve diabetes management and offer our type 2 diabetes therapies to this patient population. We believe that combining Merck’s leadership in diabetes with Avanir’s unique capabilities will help this growing population get the diabetes care they need.”

Peter Alberti, U.S. marketing leader, Diabetes, Merck.

Under terms of this agreement, Avanir will be compensated via a fixed fee plus an incentive-based payment. Merck will continue to remain responsible for the promotion of the sitagliptin family of products in all other settings and will remain responsible for all other aspects of research, manufacturing and marketing.

“We are extremely pleased to enter this agreement with Merck for its key diabetes therapies. This agreement will further advance our vision to become a leading specialty biopharmaceutical company and drive our commercial operations forward. Our sales force is well established within the institutional setting and should be able to expand the adoption of Merck’s diabetes therapies based on their deep understanding of the treatment needs of these physician and patient populations.”

Rohan Palekar, chief commercial officer at Avanir.

Avanir’s sales force will promote the sitagliptin family of products to healthcare practitioners from October 2013.


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