AliveCor stops selling ECG wristband for Apple Watches - report


Mobile ECG maker AliveCor has stopped sales of its FDA-approved ECG wristband for use with Apple Watches, according to a press report.

The company told the website mobihealthnews that the company is now focusing on other cardiology products.

AliveCor appears to have pulled the device’s purchase page in mid-June, the news outlet estimated after trawling through cached versions of the manufacturer’s website.

Instead AliveCor’s website highlights its KardiaMobile and KardiaMobile 6L products, and the wristband is also unavailable for purchase through its Amazon vendor profile.

AliveCor has not said how long it will be supporting KardiaBand for those who have already purchased it.

First unveiled in March 2016 the strap is paired with an Apple Watch allowing users to view their ECG readings in near real-time.

Mobihealthnews also cited premarket submissions to the FDA noting new AI analysis features, but without mentioning the KardiaBand device.

KardiaBand was always going to have difficulty competing after Apple announced that ECG functionality would be included on the Apple Watch Series 4.

It also faces competition from the likes of Withings, who are considering similar functionality on their devices.

AliveCor announced in September that it was planning to introduce the more accurate six-lead ECG device to compete.

The company followed through with its promise and launched KardiaMobile 6L in May.

Resembling a large memory stick, the use puts fingers on a pair of electrodes on one side, while a third electrode contacts the skin around the ankle.

This creates the circuit to provide the 6-lead ECG reading, which can be passed on to the cardiologist.

An AliveCor spokesperson told mobihealthnews in a statement: “In 2017, we were proud to launch the first FDA-cleared accessory for the Apple Watch. Since then, we’ve focused on expanding capabilities within our KardiaMobile products and recently announced KardiaMobile 6L, the first of its kind six-lead mobile ECG. We’re committed to empowering customers with deeper knowledge about their heart health, while continuing to innovate new technologies and capabilities.”