AI tool looks to provide personalised COVID care

Reimagining commercialisation with AI

Microsoft and UK clinical AI company Sensyne Health will use their SENSE clinical algorithms to help provide more personalised care for COVID-19 patients as part of a new agreement with Chelsea & Westminster Hospital.

SENSE is a clinical algorithm engine that generates AI algorithms (called SYNEs) for real-time decision support across multiple medical conditions. 

SYNEs enable clinicians and health systems to input up-to-date information on their patients, which is analysed using machine learning against the SENSE database of millions of patients and then provide reasoned advice to take rapid, informed clinical decisions and improve operational efficiency.

The agreement with Chelsea & Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust will put an algorithm produced by the SENSE system into practice for COVID-19 patients.

The algorithm, called SYNE-COV, aims to provide more personalised care for patients with the disease, integrating data into an existing real-time dashboard allowing clinicians to augment their clinical decisions with near real time risk prediction for three outcomes: risk of ICU admission, the need for mechanical ventilation and in-hospital mortality.

SYNE-COV was co-developed by Sensyne together with critical care clinicians at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital analysing comprehensive real-world evidence data collected in the hospital’s A&E department. It will be the first SENSE algorithm to be deployed in the UK.

Sensyne says that other algorithms for different conditions are currently being developed and will be announced “in due course”.

The company intends to launch its system and algorithms in the US towards the end of the current financial year. 

The partnership with Microsoft leverages Microsoft’s new health cloud technology to enable SENSE, and the algorithms produced by it, to be deployable globally.

“The SENSE system is a major step forward in unifying different elements of our clinical AI technology together with Microsoft’s health cloud technology to deliver multiple clinical algorithms at scale,” said Lord Paul Drayson, CEO of Sensyne.

“We are delighted to announce the first SYNE algorithm from this approach, developed in collaboration with Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust, designed and built to help the NHS cope with a potential second wave of COVID-19.”