What the HRT is happening with menopause care in the UK?

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What the HRT is happening with menopause care in the UK?

Menopause is a natural process that occurs as women age and marks the end of their reproductive years. However, while it’s a natural part of life, the symptoms it brings can be tough to manage for patients, impacting all aspects of their daily life.

From the better-known symptoms of hot flashes and disturbed sleep patterns to less visible psychological symptoms, menopause can be a menace that, combined with psychosocial life changes, can create a whirlwind of challenges for individuals to navigate. If left untreated, this can quickly become too much for patients to cope with alone.

Thankfully, there are treatments available to help. At present, the primary option for menopause and perimenopause is hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which supplements low levels of oestrogen and progesterone as the body stops producing them naturally. Yet, despite having multiple HRT patches, gels, sprays, implants, and tablets approved for use in the UK, women across the nation still face a range of challenges when it comes to accessing menopause treatment. From shortages and resource limitations to financial barriers and stigma, the obstacles are numerous and can be difficult to address.

After years of campaigns, shortages, and COVID-19, the subject of menopause treatment has once again reared its head in public discourse. But what is actually being done to help patients access the treatment they need to overcome menopause and perimenopause symptoms? Here, we speak to experts across industry to find out.


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