The race to develop innovative products and supply chain solutions

Market Access
pharmaphorum podcast episode 110a

In the final instalment of the five-part, festive series of the pharmaphorum podcast, host Nicole Raleigh speaks with Cencora’s SVP of international commercialisation, Sandra Anderson, and SVP and international managing director of Alloga Europe and ICS, Chris Williams. The topic of discussion centres around considerations and challenges when it comes to launching a biopharmaceutical product in Europe.

A lot more emerging biopharma companies are launching products today, and many are doing it themselves. With different market access requirements between geographies, a thorough launch plan is critical in which an integrated approach can assist in taking the launch internationally.

Being on top of things, and aware of the points of difference between geographies, prevents delays. For example, HTA process differs between the UK and countries in Europe. Germany and France have different clinically oriented processes, while the UK and Sweden focus on cost-effectiveness.

The race to develop innovative products continues, but such products can introduce into the supply chain numerous challenges of practicality.

Early engagement is most beneficial, this includes the strategy and distribution, i.e. the logistics, perspective. There is, after all, only one opportunity for the product launch and the success of that or otherwise.

Biopharma companies want a partner that can develop and execute multi-country solutions to support their launches and bring their products to market more efficiently – and that’s where Cencora and Alloga come in, to assist in preempting, addressing, and solving those complexities.

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