Fixing the inequity of drug access outside of the US

Market Access
pharmaphorum podcast episode 115a

In this new episode of the pharmaphorum podcast, web editor Nicole Raleigh welcomes guest Cem Zorlular, CEO of Er-Kim Pharmaceuticals, for a conversation on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and what the biotech industry should be focussing on in order to address this critical issue outside of the West.

Fixing the inequity of access outside of the US is a key focus for Er-Kim, focussing on collaboration and partnership with leading biopharma to understand unmet needs – the humanitarian approach – but also how to translate those needs into a commercial, market opportunity. Zorlular explains that the gap is not necessarily pricing and access, but a local context unseen or unrecognised in the West.

Demand is driven by how much resistance is in these markets, of course, and that is high in CIS countries, which by and large are LMICs. These countries require a different launch model and partnership within the local context is crucial, as is considering the supply chain, also.

There needs to be a larger look at enablement, Zorlular says, to increase efficiency, as well as global cooperation to address the global problem of AMR.

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