SMi’s 5th Annual 3D Cell Culture Virtual Conference

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SMi’s 5th Annual 3D Cell Culture Conference
Virtual Conference: Online Access Only
9-10 February 2022

Sponsored by: CELLINK, CelVivo, Promega and Newcells Biotech

Developing Complex, Translatable and Physiologically-Relevant Cellular Models in vitro

Conference Co-Chairs: Stefan Przyborski, Professor of Cell Technology, Durham University and Philip Hewitt, Global Head of Early Investigative Toxicology, Merck

3D Cell Culture is gaining momentum in the pharmaceutical industry on account of the advantages such models pose for in drug discovery, from improved clinical translation and predictivity, to patient safety and sustainability.

SMi’s 3D Cell Culture Conference will explore advances in the application of 3D cell models, from their employment in drug screening to reduce candidate attrition, to the latest insights into microphysiological systems, the regulatory landscape, and the clinical applications of 3D bioprinting.

Event Hashtag: #SMi3DCellCulture

Key Benefits of Attending:
• Discuss the uses of advanced cell technologies to construct in vitro models of human tissues
• Explore the regulatory sciences surrounding Microphysiological systems, and their development and adoption for drug safety assessment
• Uncover the major benefits of 3D modelling in enhancing clinical translation and predictability
• Utilise 3D cell culture for High Throughput drug discovery and Content screening over traditional 2D methods
• • Delve into advanced case studies looking into organ models: from organotypic lungs to liver spheroids

2 Interactive Workshops on 8th February 2022
Workshop A: Reducing attrition in drug discovery through the use of human translational cellular models
Workshop Leader: Wendy Rowan, Scientific Director, Novel Human Genetics, GSK

Workshop B: Bioprinting for 3D Cell Culture
Workshop Leader: Kenny Dalgarno, Professor of Manufacturing Engineering, Newcastle University

Who Should Attend?
Biotech / Pharma Companies - Team Leader, Junior Principle investigator, Cell and Molecular Scientist, Chief Scientific Officer, Deputy Director, Manager, Founder, CEO, Head, Director, Programme Manager, Lab Head, Toxicologist
Academia Professor - Cell Technology, Stem Cell Sciences, Biochemistry, Protein Technology and Tissue Engineering
Solution Providers – Manager, Head of, CEO, Director, Founder, Account Manager, President, CSO, Executive, Managing Director, Vice President, COO
Organisations / Regulatory – Director, Senior Science Advisor, Scientific Officer

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