PREDiCT: Autoimmune Disease Modeling Summit


Deploy Advanced Models to Enhance Your Confidence & Understanding of Molecular Biological Pathway & Efficacy

Developing a novel therapeutic candidate for autoimmune diseases is a complex challenge. Currently, traditional preclinical models do not provide the accuracy to understand the mechanisms of action and lack translational specificity for clinical approval. Over the last few years, we have seen breakthroughs in more advanced model utilization to validate novel target and biologic pathways, enabling faster preclinical-clinical drug development.

The PREDiCT: Autoimmune Disease Modeling Summit arrives in San Francisco, March 24-26 to showcase the latest therapeutic targets to deepen understanding of disease pathogenesis and improve drug development.

Join us as we bring together 60+ experts across the autoimmune industry to understand the unique drivers of disease symptomology.

Apply the latest case study evidence from novel therapeutic targets to increase your preclinical model validity and candidate success. With the latest case studies from Autoimmune Centers for Excellence, Immunic AG, Allergan, Cue Biopharma, the 3-day summit will provide you with validated mechanisms to improve your preclinical and clinical outcomes and accelerate your autoimmune pipeline.

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Jenna Warren

30 December, 2019