Next Generation RNA Therapeutics Summit

Next Generation RNA Therapeutics Summit: Trailblazing Superior RNA Therapeutics of the Future

Are you looking to solve challenges with current RNA therapeutics, such as the degradation of RNA by RNAses, the difficulty of RNA crossing the cell membrane by diffusion and the immunogenicity elicited by exogenous RNA?

Next generation RNA therapeutics can help! The Next Generation RNA Therapeutics Summit comes to Boston on May 24-26 to unite experts to discuss how novel modalities from self-replicating to circular RNAs have the potential to overcome key challenges faced by current generations.

Don’t miss your chance to hear from speakers from Pfizer, Moderna, Kernal Biologics, Replicate Bioscience, Orna Therapeutics, BioNTech and more at the only summit dedicated to successfully translating safe and effective next generation RNA therapeutics into the clinic.

Take a look at the full event guide to learn more!

Hanson Wade

Hanson Wade

25 April, 2022