Hit the JAK-pot in global race to treat COVID-19

JAK Inhibitors Drug Development - Digital Summit

There is no time like the present to share insights with peers on the new clinical trials being initiated to investigate JAK inhibitor use in patients with COVID-19. This critical discussion has been included in the upcoming digital JAK Inhibitors Drug Development Summit on Wednesday, June 24.

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Principal Investigator Joaquin Espinosa from University of Colorado Anschutz will share the latest on:

  • Safety and efficacy of baricitinib for COVID-19
  • How JAK1 inhibition blocks lethal sterile immune responses
  • And the implications this has for COVID-19 therapy

Ask your burning questions in the interactive panel discussion that follows Joaquin’s presentation or at any of the virtual networking opportunities throughout the meeting to inform how we can hit the JAK-pot in the search for COVID-19 therapeutics. Download the program to learn more.

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Hanson Wade

Hanson Wade