Anthropy 2022 - Day One

Anthropy Event Day 1

Wednesday 2nd November heralds the start of Anthropy 2022 at The Eden Project. With pharmaphorum fully in attendance today, expect coverage of a wide range of topics, within a variety of formats, all united by a shared goal of seeking sustainable change for Britain, whilst bearing in mind her role upon the global stage at this critical juncture in history.

The event overall exploring the capacity for good and female tomorrows, sustainable business leadership and vibrant places, our future generations and digital technology within those forward-looking spaces, as well as the state of this country’s land, water, and air, and even the British love of sport – over the next three days, Anthropy’s delegates will explore equal opportunities and the economy at large, contemplating quality of life, of place, and Britain’s own qualities expressed internationally.

Today, DFN questions ‘Are we who we say we are?’, whilst Corporate Culture asks ‘Here, Now: How to find the right language to make the climate emergency everybody’s business’. The Eden Project’s own Sir Tim Smit discusses ‘Thinking Big: Systemic Change’ and the Environment Agency posits ‘Walking the walk: how do we work together to enable our organisations and supply chains to become truly sustainable?’.

Meanwhile, Forum for the Future explores ‘The Why, What, and How of Regenerative Business – and how this might help us tackle our climate and health crisis’, KPMG discusses ‘Climate risk and the opportunity for sustainable future’, and IPSOS informs us of the broader picture in ‘State of the World and the UK in it’.

Finally, an EY-led panel tackles the topic of ‘Corporate activism – A rallying cry’ and the Adelphi Group leads discussion of a way forward for the pharma industry in ‘Biopharmaceuticals: Building Patient Trust and Value for a Positive Society’, together with Viiv Healthcare, Boehringer Ingelheim UK, and Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

For those who toddle along to the ‘Pop up pub’ after the day’s main sessions, there will additionally be opportunity to hear from Anthropy’s founder, John O’Brien, whilst in conversation about ‘Activating ideas for good’.



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Anthropy Event Day 2