The pharmaphorum podcast: Why is digital health so challenging for big tech?


In this episode of the pharmaphorum podcast, host Jonah Comstock taps XIL Health’s Susan Lang to better understand why big tech’s ventures into healthcare seem to stumble more often than not. In particular, they dig in on Amazon Care, the much-lauded but recently shuttered employer-based primary care offering. They also touch on Amazon’s other efforts – its successful, but not disruptive acquisition of PillPack and subsequent PBM work, and its failed value-based care joint venture, Haven. But beyond the particulars of Amazon, Susan guides us through the commonalities that come up in stories of big tech’s healthcare ventures – why they get in, the barriers they encounter, and why healthcare – especially direct patient care – is so much harder than it looks. And finally, in the interest of fairness, they consider some ways big tech has found success in disrupting healthcare. You can listen to episode 65 of the pharmaphorum podcast in the player below, download the episode to your computer or find it – and subscribe to the rest of the series in iTunesSpotifyacastStitcher, and Podbean.