Reuters Pharma USA – Maria Whitman

Reuters Pharma USA Maria Whitman

For decades, the pharma industry has been building commercialisation models that put field reps at the heart of the engagement equation. However, amid evolving HCP's communication needs and the accelerated adoption of digital channels, the role of the rep has shifted. The challenge is, how can companies react and adapt to this shake-up?

This was a key question for delegates both on and off stage at Reuters Pharma USA in March. One such delegate, Maria Whitman, is the global head of commercialisation and strategies and solutions at ZS Associates, where she works across healthcare to help organisations navigate transition and improve business models.

Fresh from her presentation on reinventing pharma's marketing strategy, Whitman sat down with pharmaphorum editor-in-chief Jonah Comstock to discuss her key highlights and takeaways from the event and why a changing drug development landscape requires a new approach to commercialisation.

Together, they talk about blowing up the traditional vision of the field rep to maximise their impact, the shift from blockbusters to smaller, niche drug development, and why the DNA of pharma engagement needs to change.

Check out the video below.