Reuters Pharma USA 2024 – Nick Altebrando and Shireen Saxena

Ada Health Team interview with Jonah Comstock

When it comes to patient-facing AI in healthcare, ChatGPT, with its tendency toward hallucination, is not going to cut it. Luckily a number of digital health companies have been working on more sophisticated, reliable tools for some time – like Ada Health, an end-to-end digital health triage tool.

At Reuters Pharma USA in Philly last month, pharmaphorum editor-in-chief Jonah Comstock met with Nick Altebrando, chief product officer at Ada Health, and Shireen Saxena, the company’s director of external affairs.

In the video below, they discuss how Ada Health works and what makes it special, and how the company works with pharma companies to help connect patients to their best treatment options.

Altebrando and Saxena also talk about the difference between Ada Health’s AI-driven approach and large language models. And they talk about how tools like Ada Health can help with patient access and health equity – by deploying in many languages and countries, including in the developing world.

That’s just a sample of what gets touched upon in this interview, so check out the full conversation to learn more about this digital health trailblazer.