Reuters Pharma USA 2024 – Mindy McGrath

Jonah Comstock interview with Mindy McGrath at Reuters Pharma USA 24

One of the most salient topics in the United States right now in pharma is market access and drug affordability, and one thing that’s driving that topic in this moment are the drug pricing provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which passed last year.

At Reuters Pharma USA last week in Philadelphia, both drug pricing and the IRA were hot topics, so editor-in-chief Jonah Comstock caught up with Mindy McGrath, senior executive and health industry advisor at Vynamic, an Inizio company, to get an overview of where things stand in 2024.

They discuss how many aspects of the law and its real affects are still taking shape, especially when it comes to the response by payers. They also go over some of the ways that pharma will respond and is responding to the legislation, especially around pipeline planning and prioritisation.

Finally, they get into the question of drug pricing more broadly, as well as the optics involved and how the public narrative around drug prices doesn’t match up with realities experienced by pharma companies.

Check out the full interview below, and stay tuned for more video perspectives from the show.