Retaining the human element in healthcare services whilst embracing the potential of robotics

pharmaphorum podcast episode 104a

In a new episode of the pharmaphorum podcast, web editor Nicole Raleigh speaks with Gavin Anderson, a man of many hats all orbiting around technology and business. Trained as a human-centric designer, Anderson helps align business strategy, purpose, and culture and tries to save the planet on the side. But, with his Academy of Robotics hat firmly in place, he’s also a player in the recent shift to try to implement AI and robotics into the healthcare setting in a drive to alleviate the burden on healthcare systems.

From Anthropy23 and the future of global health needs to keeping robotics ‘invisible’ and a necessity only, it’s a matter of time-saving, of returning time to trained human beings so they can do what they were trained to do and reduce overtime, also.

Indeed, as the world becomes ever more immersed in technology, it is retaining the human element of our healthcare services whilst embracing the potential of robotics in that setting that can move things forwards ameliorated, and in multiple languages, too.

The nervousness around the subject accepted – and the notion of empowering humans, not replacing them, when it comes to AI and robotics, understood – they discuss the comfort that a robotic penguin, a ‘helper-bot’ such as Milton, can bring to a child entering and waking from surgery, for example.

And of the future? What of joy robots to combat loneliness and loss? The potential is only just being realised, and the fear surrounding that must be overcome with education. But, at the end of the day, Nature provides the answer for everything, from eggs to penguins and beyond; you just have to look closely enough.

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